Timberwolves Dancers

Gotta show the Wolves dancers a little love on the blog. Talented women with some fabulous hair…it can’t always be about sweaty men pics can it?

Sitting in your assigned baseline spot gives you limited access when taking pics so you tend to get the same girls a lot. Enjoy and Share!

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Top 11 Pics

Over the last two weeks Minneapolis has been a busy three sport city with the Timberwolves, Wild, and Twins all playing at the same time. Over the last 12 days I’ve covered 11 events including; 2 Wild,  3 Wolves, and 6 Twins games and I’ve also thrown in a home office remodel project (why not right, pics are on Twitter and Instagram if you really want to see).

So here it is, my top 11 pics from 11 events. Enjoy and Share!

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