Ticket Punched

[So I drove to Sioux Falls the other day to cover the Summit League Championship between South Dakota State and North Dakota State. I’ve never shot at the Premier Center so you have to build in some extra time to figure out where the media room is versus where the court is and how you’re going to transmit during the game. Unfortunately it ended up being kinda far away and transmitting during the game was going to be annoying. About 1/2 hour before game time another photog spotted a table courtside with no one on it. I asked if we could set up there..wish granted. It was a scout table and no one was using it.

The game was coming down to a last second shot, South Dakota trailing by 1, with time to dribble down the court to score. All I was thinking was that I really wanted SDSU to lose so the hometown fans didn’t rush the court with my camera gear and laptop courtside, out in the open for someone to take or get damaged. SDSU dribbles down, misses the shot, players fight for the loose ball rebound and time expires. NDSU wins it…potential crisis averted…whew.

Even though NDSU won, there was a little court storming and it was pretty fun. Equipment was spared. Enjoy the Pics!

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Timberwolves Dancers

Gotta show the Wolves dancers a little love on the blog. Talented women with some fabulous hair…it can’t always be about sweaty men pics can it?

Sitting in your assigned baseline spot gives you limited access when taking pics so you tend to get the same girls a lot. Enjoy and Share!

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Top 11 Pics

Over the last two weeks Minneapolis has been a busy three sport city with the Timberwolves, Wild, and Twins all playing at the same time. Over the last 12 days I’ve covered 11 events including; 2 Wild,  3 Wolves, and 6 Twins games and I’ve also thrown in a home office remodel project (why not right, pics are on Twitter and Instagram if you really want to see).

So here it is, my top 11 pics from 11 events. Enjoy and Share!

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