Visiting Teams

As much as I like photographing the Wild (or any of the home teams), its always fun to see some fresh faces and teams come into town and change things up. Last night was Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Surprisingly out of the last three plus years I’ve been photographing the NHL, this is the first time I’ve had the Pens.  So here’s a quick gallery of my favorite 9 images from the game…enjoy (and share too)!

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The Red Wings

I’ve been a Red Wings fan for quite a while now and it’s always fun when I get to go photograph them (don’t worry Minnesota, you’re a close 2nd). We’re allowed to be fans as well as photograph the games, right? Unfortunately there was no Zetterberg or Datsyuk (hurt) and Lidstrom (retired) so you’re left with a new crop of young players who I don’t get to watch enough of. So here’s a handful of shots from todays game. Enjoy Detroit fans…Minnesota, I’m sure I’ll post some Wild player pics soon.

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The Oilers

I feel like a lost a bet. I have a couple of high school friends who love the Oilers and dream of the day when Edmonton is no longer cellar dwellers in the west. The Wild were up 3-0 in the first and looked like they were going to put a beat down on the Oilers and I’d get to rub their faces in it but they let it slide away so I feel I owe them a post featuring nothing but Edmonton Oiler players.  Sorry Minnesota Fans, they deserve it…

If you want to see the entire game set (or any Wild players), you can go to USA Today: http://www.usatodaysportsimages.com/setImages/163812

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High Up

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the catwalk of the Xcel Energy Center and setting up a camera to take overhead photos of the Nashville Predators and the Minnesota Wild. While I’m not exactly “scared” of heights but I’m not super comfortable with it either. The entire time you’re walking, you have a death grip on your equipment so nothing can fall below into the stands or the ice. The general public isn’t in the arena yet because you set up the camera before they are allowed in, but being safe is critical. It’ll take one person to drop something onto the ice and arenas will ban it…..so be careful.

I’ve also included a number of “keepers” I took from the game. Typically you hope for a 2-3 that are pretty good….and sometimes you stretch it to 5-6 because of the effort it takes to set this up. Surprisingly, I think I had quite a few good ones. Unfortunately Nashville and Minnesota both had their #2 (or #3) goalies in (Carter Hutton and Darcy Kuemper). I was hoping for Rinne and Backstrom..oh well.

Enjoy the video and the images!

MN Wild catwalk from Brad Rempel on Vimeo.

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Olympic Fever

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Half way through yesterdays Minnesota Wild and Chicago Blackhawks game it hit me that there are quite a few players on these two teams that will be representing their countries in the upcoming Olympics. People on the same NHL team will become rivals and current NHL rivals will become deeper rivals when the Olympics start. You’ll see similar pictures in the future but these guys will be representing their countries, fighting the same battles, against the same players. Enjoy a quick snapshot of players heading to the Olympics.

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