Baseball Week

So this past last week I’ve covered 3 Minnesota Twins games (Cleveland, Cleveland, and Chicago) and 13 teams in the Minnesota State Little League Championship. So it works out to approximately 2000 images imported and selected. I say imported because I take a lot more than that but I delete obvious ones I know I won’t use. Here’s a handful of my favorites including some of the youth pics. Enjoy!

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Bakers Dozen

The Twins pull off the 4 game sweep of their division rival Chicago White Sox and move within 4 games of Detroit in the AL Central (who woulda thunk it?!)  I covered 2 of the 4 games and I probably could have cut it down to 12 images but I had a picture of Joe Mauer smiling. Smiling! From the dugout…without a helmet! …had to be included. A happy Joe Mauer pleases Twins fans. Enjoy!

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