At the start of this NHL season I really wanted to try using a remote camera around the arena just to get some different shots to see how’d turn out. My first attempt this year is the (often used) overhead goalie shot and overall I’m pretty pleased with the results, but there’s always room for improvement. I wanted to make sure I got a stud goalie so I went with Predators goalie, Pekka Rinne. Unfortunately Jonathan quick was opening night and it wouldn’t have worked out with other shots I was trying to capture. I’m also going to try some more with Corey Crawford with the Blackhawks on Monday night.

The scariest thing about the remote camera is going to the very top of the arena on the catwalk looking straight down at the ice. I’m not scared of heights……but I feel much safer on the ground. The cell phone pics of the set up dont really do it justice and I might have to video myself up there someday. The problem is that you have a death grip on all your equipment because your scared of dropping something. Here’s a handful of shots, I hope you enjoy! The rest of the images can be found at Icon SMI and on Facebook.